Who we are

We believe in the power of girls.

We believe that girls are changing the world and there is no limit to what they will accomplish - all it takes is one positive thought.

We believe in their strength, their persistence and their brilliance, their voices and their ability to love others and themselves, unconditionally.

We believe in true inclusion; ensuring that every girl experiences a strong sense of belonging, inside and outside of our classes.

We believe that representation matters.

We believe in holding space for ALL girls, meeting them wherever they are.

We believe in kindness and respect, in loving whole-heartedly, no matter what.

We believe that our thoughts create our reality - every word and every action count.

We believe that striving to be the best versions of ourselves does not take away from or diminish who we already are, or who we once were.

We believe in feeling free to apologize less and fail more – that taking a risk, is a wonderful opportunity. Our mistakes are meant to guide us and are meant to be shared, to inspire others.

We believe in moving everyday – simply because it makes us happy.

We believe in celebrating everyone and everything.

Our Story

When Shelby was 14, she met Grace, who was only 2 years old at the time. For 10 years, they lived on the same street and at first, Shelby was Gracie’s babysitter. Thirteen years and counting, they are certainly more like sisters!

When Shelby was in high school, she began training for races and triathlons and she also joined the rowing team while obtaining her degree at McMaster University. Very quickly, Shelby began to notice that Grace took an interest in track and field as well and they started training together. Shelby saw herself in Grace and thought, “What if I had someone to guide me during those adolescent years, with the perspective and experience that I have now? Someone to guide me when it comes to body image, self confidence, self awareness and staying true to myself?” Three years of brainstorming followed by a whole lot of courage, Shelby marched over to Grace’s house to share the news that she would be starting a company that empowered girls through movement and it would be named after Grace. Were there tears? Absolutely!

gracie’s gals is inspired by Grace and is derived from all of Shelby’s experiences growing up – that’s right, ALL OF THEM! Shelby’s main goal is to be who she needed, when she was younger and she lives into this through her role as Founder and Head Coach at gg’s each day.

These two dog obsessed, french-fry loving gals are constantly laughing till they cry or crying till they laugh and there is certainly no stopping them when it comes to crushing goals – especially the ones that they set together!

Meet Shelby

Hi there! Coach Shelby here, Founder and Head Coach at gracie’s gals. I’m a lover of everything empowerment, leadership and movement! For most of my life, I grew up wanting to ‘fit in’ and I constantly found myself happiest when I turned inward. Each time I did, I learned to conquer from within and that’s what I’m here to teach our gals! It does take practice and it does take effort, but it doesn’t need to be complicated! Our gals are currently bombarded with information (hello, diet culture) and I share my story to guide them when it comes to self-love and self-acceptance.

Most days you can find me with my hair in a messy bun, in runners and leggings, with my dog and BFF Emmie by my side. I’m obsessed with affirmations, grilled cheese, journaling and currently, my favourite way to move is an early morning spin in my garage! It changes often! My energy is often compared to that of an excitable puppy and I like to challenge others to match my enthusiasm when it comes to…well, everything! Don’t get me wrong – there are tough days and days that I want to just take a really long nap and pack it in, but just like that Shawn Mendes song – it isn’t in my blood! If being an entrepreneur has taught me anything, it’s that when things get tough and you keep going, MAGIC HAPPENS!

I often get asked questions like this: “So at gracie’s gals do you talk about bodies and appearance?” We most certainly do, when it comes up. However, that’s not our focus. We focus on who our gals are. They’re bombarded with enough information that sends them the same message: you need to be fixed and you don’t already have what you need in order to be the best version of yourself. It’s my personal goal to change that for as many gals as possible. So why not equip them with the tools to do so? That’s where the affirmations, movement, journaling and the discussion portion of our classes come in. I love seeing gals LIGHT UP when they share an accomplishment, whether it be sticking up for a friend at school, getting an A on their math test or finding a way to shift their attitude around something that previously got in their way.

I am so thrilled to be launching our new classes, series and workshops and I am so excited to be hiring more coaches, who will positively influence MORE GALS. They matter, they are loved and they are limitless - we are going to make sure that they know it and celebrate it!

“Conquer from within.”

Coach Shelby

Meet Grace

Hi! I’m Gracie! The chief inspiration officer here at gracie’s gals! I might be Gracie of gracie’s gals but I’m very much your average fourteen year old girl. I have days that are tough, I get stressed about school (especially essays) and I have insecurities – just as most teenagers do! I strive to be the best version of myself everyday, in order to be a role model for other girls - that means being true to who I am. I love to sing and write music that’s inspired by my real life feelings and experiences. I am a creative spirit and I capture what inspires me in photos, too! I love photography and even added a second job title to my role at gg’s as lead photographer! I love spending time with my big German shepherd, Bowie (like David Bowie!) and hanging with my girlfriends. If you’ve been following along with us over the last three years – you’ll know that I am also a competitive cross country and track athlete. I only recently shifted my focus to exploring the more creative passions that I have while still running for fun on my track team at school.

My role as CIO at gracie’s gals is very important to me. To me, it means that I have a responsibility to be a role model for all of the gals who join us. I want girls at gg’s to know that being who they are is enough. I want them to be confident and proud of who they are and most importantly; I want them to love who they are!