What we do

The facts

  • We begin each 1 hour class with a positive affirmation, followed by discussion & sharing, 40 minutes of movement and end off with journalling and a leadership & empowerment activity.
  • We run 6-Week Series, Workshops and Camps in communities across Ontario, for girls ages / 6-9 / 10-13 / 14-17.
  • We provide programming for ALL girls, we meet them where they are - that's one of the things that makes us different! To us, meeting girls where they are, means customising our program to fit their unique needs. Accessibility is incredibly important to us.

At gracie's gals, authenticity is at the core of everything we do. We are real. Our Coaches lead by example and share vulnerably. We create space for our girls to be themselves by focusing on what matters most:


We teach girls that movement is not punishment, that they can lead, inspire and empower, by being themselves. That movement is JOY inducing. We remind them that they are FREE TO MOVE and TAKE UP SPACE and our wish is that they carry this belief outside of our classes, too. Who they are is what's important and how they look or appear to others? Does not determine their worth.

We do this, by teaching our girls that everything they need, is already WITHIN THEM. At gg's we rely on movement as a catalyst to vulnerability and that 'freedom' feeling.

Do you have questions about what we do? Email us at info@graciesgals.com