When you go to gracie’s gals and you’ve had a bad day, everything will be great after your session. Coach Chris and Coach Shelby listen to me when I need someone to talk to…all of the gals are so understanding – they work hard which motivates me to do what I love.
I like that we have someone like Shelby, who can help us with our problems and not judge us or get mad. I trust her.
To future gals, you will always feel comfortable and included in every way. I think that we all really belong together!
I like that I can come to gracie’s gals and talk about anything I want to share. I always feel very comfortable because we all want to make new friends.
gracie’s gals is a glowing torch that offers light to girls in our community. Coach Shelby is a gem. She creates a safe space for girls to learn, grow and feel supported. gracie’s gals is changing lives one positive affirmation at a time. I LOVE that my daughter is connected with gg’s, feels empowered and appreciates her gift to lift others.
gracie’s gals has changed my daughter’s life – as well as mine.
Thank you Shelby for creating something that will have a positive impact on our girls now and as they grow. You have given them a mentor and guide them not just during sessions but also after! I couldn’t recommend enough what your programs do for our girls and and the friendships they make through the process! You teaching them also reminds us as parents – we have learned many lessons  through gg’s! Keep dreaming big and sharing your energy, you truly are building stronger gals!
Thank you for making such a huge difference in these girls lives.
Thank you for being you…a wonderful mentor and role model for my girls. Thank you for being true and honest with them and always pushing them to do their best. Thank you for helping them set and conquer goals! I love what you and your (gg’s) series are all about!!! I have noticed  a great deal of growth and changes in both of my girls since they joined gracie’s gals three years ago - thanks to you!!!